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"Come along, Perse," Captain Todd called. "We better
get on over, I reckon."

Mr. Munn stood aside to permit the Senator and Captain
Todd to precede him. Bowing slightly, they did so. Cap-
tain Todd, with the air of impersonal gravity that character-
ized him, closed the door, shutting off the light that came
from the room.

Conversation was impossible as they fought their way
through the crowd toward the corner where Wilson's restau-
rant and saloon were situated. At that corner the crowd was
thickest. People were packed solid before the door to the
restaurant side of the building, apparently in some sort of
line waiting turn to get in.

" I guess Fm lucky you all picked me up," Mr. Munn said.

"It's fortunate for us," the Senator answered.

They made their way to the side door of the restaurant,
entered a short passage, and found the room that had been
reserved. It was a smallish room, not too well lighted by
the single window, which opened on an alley. They had
scarcely seated themselves before a skinny negro boy entered,
his stained white coat sticking to him with sweat.

* You better lay another place, boy," Captain Todd ordered.

*Ya«suh/' the boy replied, with a quick, secretive gesture
lifting a little wad of towel to wipe the sweat from one

"And boy," the Senator added, "you better bring us a
fowl of ice and a pitcher of water and a pint of whatever
good rye you've got For I "—and he turned to the others—
mm$A some refreshment and trust you will join me."

*F?e had the pleasure of voting for you on occasion/* Cap-
fak Todd said, "and so I don't reckon 111 pass up the privi-
lege of itriuMng with you one more time, Edmund/'

Use sightest cloud, as Mr. Munn noticed, touched the
toio/s handsome face, and then was instantly dispeUed by
»«tek "I was grateful to my friends," he remarked,

mi when I didn't hold my seat last election, I almost felt
I Ifti let them down,"